with host family

Best way to learn Spanish: stay with a host family in Madrid

Staying with a host family in Madrid offers you a great way to increase the amount of Spanish you speak during your stay. You will also get a good understanding of the Spanish culture, and an insider view of daily life in Madrid.

Your host "family" may be a family with parents and children or a couple who take in students because they enjoy company.

You can choose from 3 types of rooms, a single room, a shared room or a single room with its own bathroom.

The food options are: breakfast, half-board (breakfast and a cooked meal in the afternoon at about two o'clock) or full-board (breakfast and two meals).You'll eat at local hours - usually later than what you may be accustomed to- and you'll eat local food. Tell your host what you like, they will try and cook to your taste.

You will also be able to receive phone calls at the host family home.

Host family shared room
If you are looking to inject culture, and better understand Spain and its people through a mutual exchange of traditions, knowledge and culture in a safe and caring environment then this is the most recommended method of staying in Madrid.
Host family single room
Enjoy an unforgettable experience living with a host family. You have the privacy of your own room but share and interact in Spanish culture while continuing to practice your Spanish with your hosts.