What is CELTAplus?
is an ongoing post-CELTA service which we provide FREE to all successful candidates to help them secure employment, continue their professional development after the course and keep them up-to-date with training opportunities.

Why do you provide this service?
Last year we trained over 200 CELTA candidates in our Madrid centre. Many of them remained in Madrid after the course to seek employment opportunities. Others went abroad to work in other parts of Europe, South America, China and Japan. We helped many of these candidates by providing additional information on their teaching and professionalism to support their application for employment.

What do you provide?
 - Advice on how to prepare for your job interview

 - Further resources to help you develop after training

 - A list of employers currently seeking qualified teachers

 - Activities and teaching resources

Do you guarantee employment?
No CELTA centre can guarantee employment. Having CELTA is often a pre-requisite to getting an interview. But that’s just the starting point. What we can do is to provide you with the necessary support and guidance, making as many resources available to you as we can to help start your new career in English Language Teaching.

Anything else?
Yes, as an ex-CELTA trainee at International House Madrid you’ll receive:

 - Priority access to our IH Cambridge Open Days

 - 15% discount on further training courses

 - 15% discount on Spanish courses

 - Information on additional training opportunities through our monthly bulletin

Next available CELTA: July 01