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5 games to learn English faster (videogames and more)

How many times have you been told to “watch series, or read books”? While both are great, there's actually another way to engage your child with the English language: games.

That’s right, games! While often viewed as a waste of time it’s actually a great way to 

allow your child to be an active participant and can allow them to practice the 4 competencies (Speaking, listening, reading and writing) while having fun! And now with so many options available, including free mobile games,  it’s never been a better time to get into gaming. Before we continue however, we would like to remind that parents should always check PEGI ratings on any game and to supervise their children or play games privately and offline.

So here are some games we recommend for your children.


Brawl Stars

Your children’s eyes will probably light up if you mention this game to them. Highly popular and seriously fun! Brawl stars might not have much in the way of story-telling but with multiplayer modes and teamplay, children will learn to communicate with other players in English and learn teamwork skills while doing so!


Among Us

Among Us became popular at the end of 2020. Becoming an overnight sensation among children and teenagers of all ages across the world. A fun game of mystery, and survival. The game requires a lot of communication skills, deduction and of English writing skills!


Tabletop and roleplay games.

Tabletop games are a fantastic way to expose children to useful language practice including the ability to negotiate, think critically and speak! Board Games like Catan, Monopoly and Role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons are all excellent choices. 

This summer we are offering a short course where you can learn English while having fun through a variety of games, including the likes of BrawlStars and Among Us. Students will learn and play in a safe and supervised environment while developing their English language and at the same time learn skills like working in a team, negotiating and presenting.

So watch our YouTube video to see why games are a great way to learn English and visit our website, or call IH Madrid for more information and sign-up!

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