CELTA Completely Online

For a limited period, and due to the covid-19 pandemic, when many countries remain in lockdown, International House Madrid is offering you the opportunity to do CELTA COMPLETELTY ONLINE. This includes the training sessions, planning support, teaching practice and feedback on your lessons.

The course content and teaching practice requirements are identical to the face-to-face and blended versions of CELTA. The only difference is that it will all be done through Zoom! All you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

How the course works
Everything is done online. Even if you don’t have any experience with Zoom, that will be part of the training. Your interview will be done on Zoom to give you a taste of this great virtual teaching environment. You will also be able to practise outside the course time with your own dedicated zoom room.

How the training is delivered
In exactly the same way as it is on the face-to-face course. Every day, there are 2 hours of dynamic, practical workshops. All the trainees are on Zoom at the same time and the tutors will demonstrate how to plan and to give effective, engaging lessons. During the sessions, you will be able to work in pairs and groups and collaborate just as you would on a face-to-face course.

How lesson planning is supported
You will be given access to all the materials you require online and ongoing guidance on how to plan your lessons. You will get an opportunity to speak about your lesson plans, one-to-one with the tutor, who will observe all your teaching and give you constructive feedback and areas to work on for your next lesson.

How teaching practice works
This is done in smaller groups of usually 4-5 trainees led by the tutor. Over the full course, you will teach eight 45-minute lessons to groups of between 6-10 real students. The others in your group will watch you teach, and the tutor will be on hand to guide and support you at any part of the lesson. The practice lessons area also given on Zoom, and we will teach you how to exploit the program to manage your group of students. After you have taught, your peers and the tutor will give you feedback on your lesson.

Observation of Experienced teachers
You will watch the tutors teach your students and you will also observe a selection of qualified, experienced teachers on film. You will be given observation tasks and an opportunity to discuss the lessons with the others in your group.

The assessed elements of the course
Like all versions of CELTA, there is no exam at the end of the course. You are assessed throughout on your teaching practice and written work. Your grade is based on your overall performance.

Next course dates
July 1 – 31  Monday - Friday  09:30 - 16:30 (starts on a Wednesday)

Course fee
The full course fee is 1490€. This includes all materials, resources and examination fees. We also provide a free preparation course and access to our CELTAplus after-care service to help you obtain your first teaching position.

This 100% online CELTA certification is for a limited time only and places are strictly limited. So, if you are interested we recommend applying as soon as possible. For more information and an application form, click on the download button.