Due to demand from our Spanish speaking trainees, we now provide a two-week extension course to obtain our Spanish equivalent of CELTA:


Duration: Two-week intensive
Week 1: Monday – Friday 09:30-13:30

An in-depth awareness of the Spanish Language, observation of experienced teachers and an introduction to coursebooks and materials used in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera o ELE).

Week 2: Monday – Friday 09:30-14:30
Planning & Teaching Practice to multilingual students of Spanish
Observation and feedback from the tutor.

Total number of hours: 50 horas (45 face-to-face in the centre & 5 for homework tasks)

Course contents

- Introduction to language analysis  
- Communicative competence
- Observation of filmed lessons and tools for self-evaluation
- Language presentation and language practice
- Error analysis
- Teaching past tenses
- Teaching the subjunctive
- Por/para y ser/estar workshop
- Coursebook evaluation
- Recommended further reading

Trainee profile: CELTA Candidates who have successfully completed the course with an advanced level of Spanish (C1) who wish to build on their current knowledge of effective teaching and focus specifically on the tools and practices required to teach Spanish. The ELE extension is also for working Spanish teachers who wish to hone their current teaching skills.

Minimum course participants: 4

As well as planning, observation and teaching practice, candidates will compile a portfolio of their work throughout the course which will include:

- Their initial knowledge and beliefs about teaching
- A learner diary (week 1)
- Lesson plans (week 2)
- Tutor feedback and comments on lessons
- A final reflection

Course dates: Directly after CELTA intensives in February, July, August and November
Course Fee 495.00 Euros

Contact [email protected] for more details and an application form

Next available CELTA: August 01