Level B2

Lessons of the crisis

The current economic crisis around Spain makes books like Of mice and men by John Steinbeck an obligatory reading. How long is the crisis going to take? How long are people going to accept it? These two big questions are answered by John Steinbeck in several of his books.

The grapes of wrath´s writer was the best American reporter of workers' life during Great Depression in the 1930s in the United States.

Throught the novel Of mice and men, Steinbeck tells the story of two men who went from ranch to ranch asking for a job. The main characters are George, a clever and small man; and Lennie, a big and strong fellow but with a childish mind. Both of them traveled together throught Californian fields, traying to earn some money.

However Steinbeck doesn´t only speak about the miserable life of workers at the fields. Also there is place in this small novel for friendship, dreams and a fight to avoid the destiny.

The author uses a crude and direct language to describe the poverty perfectly. The story has an ideological burden. Steinbeck criticises the capitalist society where self-made men. According to his opinion, the only way to improve and to grow is sharing your dreams and fighting for those all together.

Winner: Francisco Sánchez Jiménez in Amelia Petersen's B2.1 group in Alonso Martínez.

Level C1

Treasure Island: The pirates’ classic 

Although this book is not placed amount the group of the world’s greatest novels, we must admit it has been the cradle of all adventure literature during these last three centuries. Not much people have read this book but the more we know about the story of the young cabin- boy Jim Hawkins who, by a twist of fate, went from being a simple innkeeper to one of the richest man in England. 

Using a naive and dynamic narrative Robert Louis Stevenson transports us to a world of dangerous sea trips, paradisiac islands and hidden treasures. If you dare to read it in English not only will you have fun with the story even will enjoy discovering the elderly says and oaths from pirates and squires. I was amazed on the very first page finding out the term “grog”, the truly genuine pirate drink, which is not used in the Spanish translation. And of course we cannot leave behind the great main character of Treasure Island: Long John Silver. This novel wouldn’t have been so successful if this endearing pirate hadn’t made appearance. You cannot help to become fond of with this singular buccaneer despite being treacherous, deceitful and a ruthless killer. The affection he shows for the young Jim and his fast wit make you wish his final salvation. 

So watch out my freshwater mates! Put guards in the powder magazine! Hide the grog in safe! Cause when greed and villainy sail the sea you can bet your boots there'll be treachery

Winner: Laura Santamaría Rubio in Ana Segura's C1 in Nuevos Ministerios

And well done to everyone who took part and congratulations on your reviews!!