Young Learners Competition: TV Programme Review

We all love TV shows and they’re a great way to learn and practise English. This term, our students shared their favourite TV programmes with us and their friends by writing a review.

The level of the entries was impressive and the judges had a very tough decision to make when selecting the winners. Below you can read the winning entries.

Well done to everyone who participated!

Levels 1 - 4
Winner: Irene Rodriguez Arias
(Charlie - level 4 - Pintor Rosales)

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Honourable mentions:
Kira Astudillo Ryaposova (Ryan - level 4 - Menesiano)
Javier García Melgar (Jerome - level 4 - Buen Consejo)

Levels 5 - A2.2J/A2S
Winner: Elías Rafla Cabeza
(Zakia - level 5 - Ciudad Universitaria)

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Honourable mentions
Alba Sofía Mateo Carretero (Anne - A2.2J - Goya)
Pablo Sicilia García (Anne - A1J - Atocha)
Oliva Pena Haller (Cat - level 5 - Menesiano)

Levels B1.1 - B2.1
Winner: Álvaro Arévalo Nuevo
(Laila - B2.1 - Nuevos Ministerios)

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Honourable mentions:
Oliva Pena Haller (Cat - level 5 - Menesiano)
María Leal Manrique (Helen - B1.2 - Vallecas)
Laura Tejedor Castellet (Laila - B2.1 - Alonso Martínez)

Levels B2.2 - C1.3
Winner:  Ana María Monroy López
(Louise - Higher C1 - Ciudad Universitaria)

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Honourable mentions:
Lucía Camacho Pulido (Matt - B2.3 - Goya)
Carla Nisa Pelayo (Louise - Higher C1 - Ciudad Universitaria)