Can the modules be taken in any order?
Each module assumes the knowledge and competence gained in the previous module(s). The usual order will be from Module One through to Module Three. However, candidates may choose to take the modules in any order if this is appropriate to their needs and context.

Will it be possible to take all three modules at the same time?
Yes. Centres can offer all three DELTA modules concurrently.  However, the advantage of the revised modular syllabus is that the distribution of content across the three modules allows centres to offer individual modules or combinations of modules for candidates who may not wish or need to complete all of them.   

Do candidates have to complete all three modules within a specific time?
No. Candidates will be able to complete modules when and as often as they wish and there will be no time limit for completion of all three modules.

Do candidates have to take a course for each module?
No. Attendance on a course will only be necessary for Module Two so that practice can be directly assessed. Although most candidates will wish to follow a course for Modules One and Three, they can enter for these modules without taking a course.

Do Module Three candidates need to have previous experience of their specialist option?
Previous experience will not necessary.  While many candidates will already have some experience in their chosen specialism, some candidates will want to extend their professional expertise by developing a specialism in which they have little previous experience. The specialism should be relevant to their current or intended teaching context and the centre at which they are enrolled must be able to supervise it.

Should I start doing some background reading?
Read anything that interests you and make a start on filling gaps in your knowledge. Experiment, try new approaches and ask your students what they think about your teaching style. Be prepared to listen and respond.

How is each module assessed?
Module 1 is assessed via a written examination (on the first Wednesday in June or December).

Module 2 is assessed via a portfolio of coursework, including observed lessons, written assignments, and externally-assessed lesson observation.

Module 3 is assessed via an extended written assignment.

Will candidates receive an overall DELTA certificate?
Candidates will receive a separate certificate for each module completed. The information provided on the back of each certificate will outline the aims and content of the module and how it fits into the DELTA modular framework.  Candidates can request a certificate which states they have completed all three modules.

I'm still interested. What do I do next?

  1. Request an observation.
    Is you are currently working in Madrid, we will come and watch you teach. This observation can also serve as your internally assessed class and part of the observation programme. There is no charge for this observation and you’ll be given detailed feedback.

  1. Submit the Application Form which you can download from here:

  1. After reviewing this document, we will ask you to submit a Formal Written Task

  1. Then we’ll call you for interview and give you an opportunity to ask any other questions you have about the course.

  1. After all of this, if you are a suitable candidate. we’ll offer you a place.

  1. Candidates need to pay a 500 Euro deposit to secure their place.

Where is the course run?
The course runs part-time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10.00 – 13.00 in
International House Madrid
c/Zurbano, 8

28010 Madrid
Metro: Alonso Martínez

Still have more questions?
Please speak to us at any time for information on any aspect of the course.

Steven McGuire
Director of Teacher Training

[email protected]

Tel. 91 319 72 24 Extension 8154