Educational Excellence

Renowned as a centre of excellence in the vanguard of language teaching, International House strives to ensure continued delivery of the highest standard of classes in the sector. This implies an on-going effort on the part of our teaching team and a commitment to the continuing professional development of our staff.
With this end in mind the teachers are assisted by a group of pedagogical directors, each an expert in a specific learning field, who select or create materials, observe classes, offer continual support to teachers, hold professional development seminars, etc.
Our secret consists of combining a large amount of dedicated resources (human and material) with innovative pedagogical techniques. Expertly combining traditional, modern, and even experimental styles, all thanks to the specialized research conducted by the hundreds of international experts who make up the International House network.
All learning tools that we deploy in the classroom have one element in common, their ability to foster COMMUNICATION: they guarantee a continuous, enjoyable learning atmosphere in the classroom, a sure key to successful and consistent progress.