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International House Madrid can provide further professional development with a range of courses running on Friday and Saturday mornings. Our Teacher Training programme is available to external teachers working in Madrid and the surrounding areas.

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to look at the different interaction and turn-taking skills in the CEFR and ways of developing these in the classroom
to provide teachers with practical classroom ideas for developing turn-taking skills at different levels
to help teachers to prepare learners for Cambridge English Speaking tests

Assessment of Speaking
to develop teachers' awareness of the assessment of speaking across the CEFR levels, and the Cambridge English Speaking Assessment Scales
to explore the usefulness of these scales as a tool for describing and analysing specific aspects of spoken language
to share practical ideas for:

1. evaluating learners' speaking and identifying areas of strength/weakness
2. developing speaking skills in class in order to prepare for the tests

Date: 17th February 2018
Time: 10:00-13:00

International House Madrid
Coverrubias, 1
28010 Madrid

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Places may be limited so advance reservation is essential.

(If you are a Cambridge Speaking Examiner for Main Suite Exams, please remember you should not attend training sessions of this type.)


IH Madrid Business English Course: 7 Hours

Business English

Fridays from 11:00-12:00
Starts Friday 19th January - 2018

This course covers key aspects of teaching In-company Classes. Sessions include: The Nature of Teaching in Companies, Course Objectives and Needs Analysis, Adapting Course Books and Materials, Teaching Mixed Levels, Teaching 121, Designing Assessment and Writing Reports.

Teachers who attend the full course receive the IH Madrid Business English certificate.
Course Fee: €98.17 (includes 15% full course discount)
Normal price €115.50

IH Madrid Young Learner Certificate: 30 hours

Young Learners

Every Saturday from 10.00-13.00
Starts Saturday 13th January - Finishes 17th March - 2018

This course runs over 10 Saturday mornings and provides teachers with a range of practical workshops and training on all aspects of teaching English to children.

The session titles:
Teaching Young Learners, Classroom Management, Routines and Reward, Getting Young Learners to Speak, Presenting Language, Recycling Language, Revision Games, Correction, Pronunciation, Motivating Teenagers, Using Video, Adapting Materials, Exploiting Technology, Drama and TPR, Creative Lessons, Exploiting Music and Song, Promoting Noticing, Young Learners Exams,  Dealing with Students with Difficulties,  Review and Development.

Teachers who attend the full course receive a certificate.
Course FEE: €420.75 (includes 15% discount)
Normal price €495.00

New Teachers Basic Language Awareness Course: 8 Hours

New Teachers programme

Fridays from 12:30-13:30
Starts Friday 19th January  - Finishes Friday 16th March - 2018

Given over 8 Friday mornings to recently qualified teachers who wish to increase their language awareness. Session topics include: Describing Language, Countability and Quantifiers, Conditionals, Narrative Tenses, Futurity, Modals and Auxiliaries, Reported Speech, The Passive, Continuous and Perfect Aspect.

Teachers who complete the course receive the IH Madrid Basic Language Awareness certificate.
Course Fee: €112.20 (includes 15% full course discount)
Normal price €132.00

Training location:
International House Madrid
Calle Zurbano, 8
Metro: Alonso Martínez
Lines 4, 5 & 10

Places may be limited so advance reservation is essential.
For more details and full contents of each course, email [email protected]