Madrid weather

Madrid in the sunDue to Madrid's high altitude (650 metres) it experiences different temperatures in the summer and the winter. The most pleasant weather falls between May and mid July when average temperatures are between 20 and 32 degrees Celsius (68°F - 90°F).

Towards the end of July, and throughout August, it can get very hot with temperatures sometimes reaching 40 degrees Celsius (100°F). The night temperatures cool down to around 18 degrees Celsius (64°F). Due to the low humidity in Madrid the high temperatures are easier to tolerate.

September is a pleasant month, with temperatures back down to around 25 degrees Celsius (77°F). October is also still fairly warm with an average daytime temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and is still a pleasant time to visit.

The weather in Madrid is predominantly dry, but that doesn't mean that rain can be ruled out! Especially in the winter months. Do bear in mind that these temperatures are averages, and the weather may fluctuate from the normal

During the winter

In November the temperatures drop, and the daily average is 12 degrees Celsius (55°F), dropping to 9 degrees Celsius (48°F) in December. Night time temperatures can drop below freezing in winter, so be prepared to wrap up warm and make sure that your accommodation has heating.

Average monthly temperatures

Month Average Daytime Temp °C Average Daytime Temp °F
January 10 50
February 12 54
March 16 60
April 18 64
May 20 68
June 27 80
July 32 90
August 30 86
September 25 77
October 20 68
November 12 55
December 9 48