Madrid nightlife

Madrid becomes particularly exuberant when the sun sets and locals and tourists party like there is no tomorrow. When you get to the Spanish capital, you will immediately realize that Madrilenos is full of life and energy. People flood the streets and flock to popular hangouts. This is one of the many reasons to learn Spanish in Madrid.

Whether you are just about to go to a bar or a pub or just came from such establishments, you’ll probably want to get something to eat. In Madrid, it would be easy to find a cafeteria to serve you. These are actually bars that serve mid-evening to late dinners where you can order from sandwiches to traditional tapas to elaborated meals.

Madrid BarIf you want to drink beer or wine, Spanish bars are your best bets. You should try the traditional way of pairing beer with tapas. Most bars are open till morning so you don't have to be in a hurry to finish your drink. If you’re into a more intimate setting, go to pubs where seats are comfortable and there is dimmer lighting.

Music is usually played on the background or through a live band. Pubs are also open till morning so you can definitely enjoy more time there too. If you want some air, the terrazas are good alternatives for pubs

If you want to go dancing and enjoy some drinks as well, you should visit some of the disco-pubs in Madrid. Beers and copas are also served in these establishments until 6 or 7 in the morning. Unlike the disco-pubs, you will be charged with an entrance fees when you go to discotecas. Among the popular discotecas are Palacio Gaviria, Joy Eslava and Empire in Paseo de Recoletos.

Of course, Madrid nightlife would not be complete without the theater and the concerts. You can check the schedule in advance so you can watch some of the shows while learning in Madrid.