Our students

International House is famous throughout the world for its quality of teaching and success in helping people achieve their language goals and objectives.But who are our students? What do they themselves think of their classes and their teachers? Are they happy with studying at International House?Read here to check out these points and other useful information to help you decide if you too will one day be finding your comments here on our worldwide web.

Who they are

Our students range from children of 4 years, those passing through university as general students and language teachers, to professionals in the most prestigious of companies.They come from the distant corners of the world (more than 50 nationalities every year) but all have the same objective in common, of improving in the most effective way their capacity for communication in other languages.Curious and keen to learn, they usually share our ideal of an open and diverse world in which all can participate in their respective and varied roles. Whether they are interested or not in gaining an official diploma they come to ih to broaden their horizons and extend their options,relying on us to improve their prospects and ability to make greater choices in life.

What they say

In Madrid alone, more than 150,000 students have studied languages with us. In the latest surveys conducted, 97% gave a favourable opinion on ih and 88% have been "very satisfied" with their classes.They value us because of our teachers, our methods and also by the "atmosphere" created by the students and personnel of ih.Every year, we give more than 50,000 hours of classes within many companies: 93% of more than 4,000 professionals who attend have declared a high satisfaction with their courses.