Cultural Madrid

Madrid cultureBefore you go to study Spanish in Madrid, you need to have basic idea about its culture. Knowing its history, people and culture is vital to make most of your Spanish language course. This Spanish city is called the capital of contentment and joy. Such description of this fabulous city means that it is peaceful, warm, jovial, free, and universal.

Not one person is a foreigner in this Spanish city. Madrid always knows how to be amiable and nice. Its bustling and happy environment and its zest for life are really contagious. Many people who have experienced what Madrid has to offer find it difficult to leave.

The people of Madrid are among the happiest in the world. If there is one thing that you can say about Madrileños, it is their preoccupation with anything fun. This is what you would immediately observe when you set foot on Madrid. Their love for life is manifested in their way of life. What’s amazing about Madrileños is that they effortlessly have a good time 24/7. So when you go to Madrid for your Spanish language course, do not be surprised at how merry the people are. Be prepared to loosen up.

Madrid culture was once dominated by its Royal and religious history. Monolithic and majestic cathedrals and churches dot the city. It also boasts of medieval architecture. But the city is also a multicultural, mega city  like London or Paris or Rome, characterized by a cosmopolitan lifestyle and having fascinating culture.

Madrid used to be the capital of the Franquist dictatorship from 1939 to 1975 and it still seems to embody the conservative part of the country. But this interesting place is also the epicenter of the famous 80s movement in Spain, the Movida. This movement bred important personalities like Pedro Almodóvar.

The heritage of the Movida era is still visible in the very heart of the city, where you can find parties at all times and experience one of the most colorful and liberal environments of the city. Madrid is also known throughout the world for its tolerance of the gay community.