Summer Postcard Competition - Term 3 & Summer 2015-16

In this competition, the students sent us their summer postcards, complete with photos and a short text outlining where they were and what they were doing. We were thrilled to see where they'd visited and that they are stilling using English during their holidays.

We received lots of great, creative postcards, displaying an impressive level of English. He we share with you the winning postcards. Well done everyone!

Levels 5 -A2
Winner: Gael Cubo Moreno
(2015-16: Srishti - A2.2J - GSD Moratalaz)

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Judges' comments: "Gael sent in some great photos and used some good English in his card."

Honourable mentions:
Candela Cubo Moreno (2015-16: Elien - A2.1 - GSD Moratalaz)

Level B1
Winner: Teresa Páramo Casado
(2015-16: Katie - B1.1J - Nuevos Ministerios)

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Judges' comments: "We liked that Teresa had decorated her card and was embracing British Culture in London so enthusiastically. "

Honourable mentions:
Jimena Fraga Morales (Summer 16: Christina - B1.1S - Nuevos Ministerios)
Sara Vigil (2015-16: Kate - B1.1J - GSD Guadarrama)
Javier Azañón Maroto (2015-16: Imma - B1.1J - San Juan Bautista)

Level B2+
Winner: Alejandra Montoro Villar
(2015-16: Kate - B2.1S - GSD Guadarrama)

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Judges' commetns: "We particularly liked Alejandra's photo and that she had made lots of friends using her English!"

Honourable mentions:
Carla Nisa Pelayo (2015-16: Louise - Higher C1 - Ciudad Universitaria)
Cristina Camacho Poma (2015-16: Natalia - B2.1 - Ciudad Universitaria)
Antonio Uriarte De Luis (2015-16: Amelia - B2.1 - Diego de León)