CELTA June full-time
"I only have positive things to say regarding everything from the course. It exceeded my expectations and a major part of this was the dedication from the tutors. As intense of a course it was, it is a shame it was only a month because I would love the opportunity to continue learning from both of them! "

"I will definitely and strongly recommend doing this (or any different) course at ih Madrid. I've learnt a lot, from EXCELLENT teachers and in a perfect approach. I'm delighted with everything. "

"The course was very well planned and made sense in it's approach. It was very difficult at points but was rewarding and there was always support available to us. Clare and Steven were both excellent tutors and gave each of us thorough feedback after every lesson and were indispensable resources when we had to plan our lessons."

CELTA August full-time
"Overall, an extremely useful, well-organised course with lovely tutors that were always willing to help me develop my skills as a teacher. Feedback was always very detailed and personalised and could be easily incorporated into my lessons, which I enjoyed greatly. The students themselves were hard-working and friendly and it was a joy to teach them."

"I really enjoyed and benefitted from the course. It was well organised and well managed.”

CELTA July full-time
"Highly qualified and professional teachers."

"I had a very good experience at IH Madrid."

"Loved the course, the support and access to help. Learned a lot and so glad I decided to invest in this course above others. I was surprised at what I was capable of doing by the end of the course; lesson preparation, teaching, managing a classroom."

"This is a great course, I loved the tutors and really enjoyed the input classes and the teaching practice. I feel that I learned a lot and have become a much better equipped teacher as a result of this. I would recommend this course to anyone."

"Clare and Alistair have given all of us the best of them. Very personalized attention, I did not expect to receive such level of care. Thanks a lot. I might not know all I need to know to be great teacher, but I feel they have pointed all of us in the right direction."

"The course is great and the installations are good too. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a TEFL course and I am very happy I invested both time and money in it."

CELTA ONLINE April-June part-time
"I found the feedback from tutors extremely useful."

"Overall a very helpful and useful course for teachers without teaching experience. I'm glad I was able to do it."

"I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you."

“The course was very well organized and very useful."

“Great course with great tutors.”

CELTA April-June part-time 
"I enjoyed every minute of this course and one can see by the professionalism of the tutors that they know what needs to be done. It was a really impressive, professional course - the organisation and attention to detail was fantastic. Thanks so much for all of your hard work."

CELTA May full-time 
"This class was amazing, and I feel like I learned a lot form both my tutors."

CELTA January-March part-time 
"The tutors are amazing and it was a pleasure having them during the course. I've learnt much more than I expected from the three of them. It's been an incredible, useful and memorable experience."