April blended online CELTA 2019
"The course exceeded any expectations I might have had. The organization was great, and so were the contents on Fronter, the support from our tutors and their feedback. Very professional team, and very committed."

March full-time CELTA 2019
"I would recommend this company and centre! Lovely, helpful and enjoyable people, tough however very well managed and the tutors were very hlepful and approachable."

January blended online CELTA 2019
"The course has exceeded my expectations in every way. I would highly recommend International House to anyone interested in taking CELTA."

"An excellent, supportive, professional group of teacher trainers who genuinely go the extra mile in devoting their time to helping trainees reach their personal goals. This course has reignited my passion for teaching. Thank you very much!"

"I would like to thank all the tutors for giving me such detailed feedback and assistance - they were very open to help (sometimes at all hours of the day!) and this was very reassuring for me. I would like to especially thank Faye and Clare for their continued support. Thank you very much, everyone!"

"I’m extremely happy with how this course has turned out. The course, the place and the teachers were excellent. Thank you for everything, it’s been a pleasure."

October part-time CELTA 2018
"It is rewarding to have the opportunity to do the CELTA course because we can always grow, no matter where we are in our careers. This course motivated me to keep on improving. I worked part-time while doing the program and I am thankful for having concluded it well. I was frequently ahead of time in terms of handing in assignments and lesson plans. I believe I was able to organize myself and to cope with my commitments. I thank both my tutors for their valuable insights."

"Good and useful training, the tutors were great teachers and they helped us a lot with their thorough and constructive feedback each week."

"It has been a pleasure to do this course with Cathy and Hilary, with their impressive professionalism and being always willing to help, they clearly managed to convey their enthusiasm for learning the teaching techniques, enjoying the process. Not only me, but many of the other teachers in training consider Cathy and Hilary as a professional reference. I couldn't be happier to have done this course, because I think it will help me a lot to apply these techniques in the near future, and I will also recommend many friends to take the course."

August full-time CELTA 2018
"I learnt an incredible deal during this course and am very grateful and appreciative to the entire International House team for this."

"Fantastic course with fantastic professionals. Miss you already!"

July full-time CELTA 2018
"It was a great course, both useful and enjoyable. Thank you for your hard work!"

"It’s been an intense and fantastic course. Incredibly enjoyable. The tutors have been exceptional. Thankyou!"

"I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I loved the seminars and the tutors were professional, helpful and supportive."

May full-time CELTA 2018
"The CELTA course at IH is a must for any person who regards working as an English teacher. At first, I thought that being a non native, my lack of knowledge in grammar would be an important obstacle for me. However, the course contents have been structured in a way that overcome any obstacle in the way, by gradually building in the student what he needs to teach, how to teach himself and how to teach others. Also, the staff at IH have been also a key part of our learning success, being always supporting and available, and in a gentle and friendly manner, teaching us all the necessary contents and finally, providing a very detailed feedback. I would like to stress that for me this feedback was really important as it allowed me to keep improving my weaknesses in a very positive and motivating way. So, all in all, CELTA at IHM has surpassed my expectations in every way and, after gaining some experience as a teacher, I´ll be back for DELTA. Thank you."

"The tutors put a huge amount of time and energy into the course which is greatly appreciated! Plus, we had a few laughs along the way, which helps ease the pressure. They make a good team and although they have their own approaches and styles, key learning points were consistent between them. Overall, a really positive experience and I would recommend IH Madrid to others thinking of doing CELTA. Thank you very much!"

Next available CELTA: September 02  2019