Why Study Spanish?

Spanish is no longer the language you speak with your waiter while on holiday on the Costas. The facts are that Spanish has become the second most important business language in the world after English.

Most people who choose to learn Spanish do so because of its popularity, especially in the Western Hemisphere and in Europe. They know that learning Spanish will give them practical knowledge – both in their daily and professional lives. The facts not only support these feelings, they show that Spanish leads other foreign languages by a wide margin for usage within the Western World.

They also show that the Spanish-speaking population is expanding. For example, the projections for the Spanish-speaking population within the U.S. show that it is becoming a larger percentage of the total U.S. population every year. Following are some facts that show just how widespread the Spanish language is in the world and how it is projected to continue to grow in the near future and beyond. Spanish is the fastest growing language in today’s world. Spanish is second only to Mandarin by number of native speakers.

It is a truly international language in commerce and trade, communication, education and many other areas. In the United States, an estimated 40 million use Spanish as their first language, and many more use it as a second language.

In the United Kingodom, contrary to general trends in foreign-language enrolments, Spanish is attracting more students at all levels of education. New Spanish programs open every year at universities across the nation.