Recursos para alumnos

Es imprescindible practicar el idioma no sólo dentro del aula sino que fuera de ella también, sobre todo durante las vacaciones. Existen muchos recursos online perfectos para hacerlo; hemos recopilado sugerencias de nuestro equipo para complementar los contenidos típicos de nuestras clases.

Inglés de negocios

Podcasts in English - Business

TED Talks are a great way to practise listening comprehension, and it offers a range of talks on engaging business topics. Many of the talks come with subtitles and transcripts.


This series of short videos on business topics is accompanied by comprehension and language exercises. This site contains tips and strategies for businesspeople on management and communication skills. It's a great opportunity to see authentic "buzz words" as they are really used in English. A page full of TED Talks listed by level of English (B1, B2, C1 etc), so can find a talk that interests you and that is suitable for your level.

Inglés general

Haz clic aquí para ver nuestra sugerencias para el inglés general.