Listening - audio and video

Here are some of our favourites for learners:

Ryan Martin, a disabled basketball star and founder of the Ryan Martin Foundation, gives an inspirational talk to students at International House Madrid. Click here
6 Minute English, from BBC Learning English website gives definitions of new vocabulary, but no comprehension questions. Can save as Podcast. Click here
Another section of the BBC web site with short video clips with new vocabulary, including exercises. Aimed at Spanish learners of English. Click here
Ello for practising listening; different accents, and you can choose levels between 1 and 7; offers new vocab plus exercises to test comprehension and vocab. Click here
English Club includes dictation exercises in which you type what you hear. Click here
A great source for listening is this fantastic podcast site by an ex IH teacher, Jackie McAvoy who now lives in Portugal. Click here
Youtube channel with short lessons, organised by level. Click here
Videos with exercises. Click Here
To help with your pronounciation. Click here
Podcasts of 5- 6 minutes. Click here

 Music and Cinema

Songs are played and you have to type in missing words for song to continue; need to register with this site (but no cost); three levels, beginner, intermediate and expert.

Click here

Includes trailers/clips from quite recent movies. Exercises include listening and putting words in the right order, filling in the blanks (easy and difficult).

Click here

And some other great sites to check out:

Ted - inspirational speakers, speeches sometimes given as transcripts, and sometimes Spanish subtitles are used. Click here
The speech accent archive has collected a huge range of native and non-native accents reading a variety of English texts. A phonemic transcript of the text is also available. Click here
Some sound recordings from the British library archive. Only some are 'free' while for the rest you need to be part of a higher education body. Click here