Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Much like a normal English class there will be a focus on students speaking in English with plenty of opportunity for useful error correction and for improving language skills. The first difference is that we’ll move on from academic text books and instead look at some exciting English-language short stories from writers like George Saunders, Lydia Davis and the master, Anton Chekhov (he is very easy to read and recommended for language students!). 

 We’ll look at different dramatic techniques. We’ll develop characters and steadily, enjoyably, build some ideas for our own short stories. The emphasis will always be on the class being useful for developing and practicing your English. This should be a fun and interesting hour for anyone with an interest in books and other forms of storytelling.


Oliver Revolta - Club coordinator

Creative Writing

Tuesdays 20.15-21.15

Level C1+

Place   – Library in IH Nuevos Ministerios, Paseo de laCastellana 102
Next dates: 27th November and 11th December

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