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IELTS Preparation course - Summer 

To get a great result in official exams, it's not enough to have the appropriate level. It's been proved that knowing the techniques required in the different parts of the exam, you can improve your final mark.

  •    Increase your chances of success; arrive at the exam in optimum conditions

  •   Learn with the experts- we are an official examination centre and we have fully accredited IELTS examiners on the staff

  •  Practice on your own with the online Cambridge Testbank IELTS tests- free with the course

  • The course consists of four classes of two and a half hours each. Each class focuses on one specific part of the exam-

     Session 1: WRITING & SPEAKING 1

     Session 2: READING & LISTENING

     Session 3: WRITING & SPEAKING 2

     Session 4: WRITING & SPEAKING 3

    Students will be given homework in order to be able to practice at home exam techniques learnt in class.

    To be accepted on the course it is necessary to pass a test, and the minimum level demanded of the student is B2. In this way we can ensure that all the candidates have sufficient possibilities to obtain a mark good enough to do tertiary education courses abroad, always allowing for the fact that the minimum mark will vary according to the university applied to.

    The course is designed so that the student gets familiar with the different parts of the exam and improves his or her exam techniques, so the main objective is not to improve the students' level of English. If your level is not sufficient yet, we recommend that you enrol in a general English course.


IELTS Essentials
Duration  Short - one month
Times and days   10,12,17 and 19 July | Tuesdays and Thursdays | 18:30-21:00 
Available in ih Nuevos Ministerios


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Precio 450€  includes IELTS exam fees and Cambridge Testbank

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