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English Course

Intensive English courses

The course is designed to give you the best results in the shortest possible time, completing a full level in just one month. Your morning will be spent with 2 or 3 different teachers to ensure exposure to a range of accents, but they will work in conjunction to co-ordinate and monitor your progress. If you continue your contact with English in the afternoon (watching DVDs, reading, attending Conversation Club etc) can enjoy the advantages of a course in the UK without leaving Madrid.

Progress 1 level in 1 month (>99 hours)
3 levels each trimester
Hours and days Monday to Friday 5 ½ hours per day, 27½ hours per week
Available ih Nuevos Ministerios 9:00 - 15:00
Reserve your place to for the next level before  The 25th of the previous month
Except December (November 20th)
Periods per level 1 oct-24 oct | 28 oct-21 nov | 25 nov-20 dec
7 jan-30 jan| 3 feb -27 feb | 2 mar-26 mar
30 mar-30 april*| 4 may – 29 may | 2 jun-26 jun
* (includes one week without class)

 * You are guaranteed at least 100 hours of class per month

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Our customer support team will contact you to set a time and centre for you to do the level test.

Your level

 One of our team of experts will analyse your spoken and written level, and will recommend the course that will best suit you and your learning objectives.


Are you not in Madrid? No Problem! You can do our level test using Skype.

Terms & Promotions

Prices 2019/20 Superintensive Course

First level attained 990 €
Second consecutive level attained 900 €
Third and subsequent consecutive level attained 900 €

The discount for the 2nd and 3rd level remains valid even if the student changes to another rhythm of learning, it passes to the next level/course.