Host family single room

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Accommodation: Bookings run from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning. You may book extra nights if required but please confirm availability.

If you are looking to inject culture, and better understand Spain and its people through a mutual exchange of traditions, knowledge and culture in a safe and caring environment then this is the most recommended method of staying in Madrid.

As a homestay student you will enjoy sharing and interacting with a host family. Depending on your choice of involvement many things are possible that you would not get with other types of accommodation such as participating in host family events such as dining out, amusement parks, shopping, museums, participating in participate in Holiday festivities etc. everything is possible. You will live with locals (family or individuals) located a short distance from the Spanish School. Some of the main features of homestay include:

  • fully-furnished room
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner can be provided if selected.
  • laundry and cleaning facilities
  • gas and electricity