Visa information
to learn Spanish in Spain

If you need a student visa to study with IH Madrid, the first thing you will need to do is consult your nearest Spanish Consulate in your home country to see what the requirements are at least 120 days before coming to study with us.  One of the requirements will be an invitation letter from your intended place of study.

In order for us to provide you with the invitation letter you will need to:

1- Specify the course you wish to study (intensive, super intensive etc) and for how many weeks and if you need accommodation.  You would need to enrol in one of the following courses as you would need to be studying at least 20 hours a week to receive a student visa:

  • Intensive 20 – 20 hours of class a week
  • Intensive Plus – 25 hours of class a week
  • Super intensive – 30 hours of class a week

2 You would need to make full payment for the course you have decided to study and provide proof of payment

3 Supply us with your full name and photocopy of your passport

Once we have received all of the above, we will then send you the confirmation letter of your course and the signed invitation letter which you will need to take to the Spanish Consulate.

If, for any reason, your visa application is rejected by the Consulate we will refund the full payment on presentation of the original rejection letter except the 250€ administration fee.

Getting your NIE card (national Identification number for foreigners)

If you are planning to reside in Spain, the most important administrative process you will need to go through is getting you National Identification number (NIE). Anyone who wishes to reside in Spain for whatever reason and regardless of their nationality will need this number.

Some important points:

You will only need to get the NIE if your stay in Spain is for longer than 3 months. If you are planning to stay for less than 3 months (90 days) you will be able to use your passport as a form of identification.

  • All foreigners need to have a NIE regardless if they are EU citizens or from outside the EU.
  • Your NIE always remains the same regardless of your legal or work status in Spain
  • Your NIE is your identification number but doesn’t ensure legal residency in Spain
  • You will need to have a NIE for most administrative processes such as opening a bank account, obtaining  a mobile phone account with a Spanish provider, submitting your tax return, buying a house or car and any official administrative red tape.

How to get your NIE:

It can be obtained either from ‘La Direccion General de la Policia’ or through the Spanish Consulate.  You will need to ask for an appointment which can be done online –

Where you need to go:

For students who are from outside the EU:

Brigada Provincial de Extranjeria y Fronteras

Avenida de los Poblados 51

Madrid 28047

For students from within the EU:

Brigada Provincial de Extranferia y Fronteras

Avenida Padre Piquer 18

Madrid 28024

You will need to take the following documents:

Your passport or ID card (photocopy and original) and a recent photo

The receipt of payment to show you have paid the corresponding fee (Modelo 790)

The signed and completed EX17 form

Proof of your appointment