Why choose a one-to-one?

I’m sure that at some time you have thought about having private classes, in which the teacher and you are the only components. Why not? Let’s look at the reasons why you might decide for this kind of class.

– They are tailor-made for you; the classes are adapted to your schedule, individual needs and even the area you prefer.

– In the classes you can revise and consolidate what you have studied previously in a group class or in self-study. The teacher will give you the opportunity to ask all your personal doubts.

-You can focus on a personal objective. For example, if you need to pass an exam, you can prepare and study for it in the class. Likewise, if you need specific Spanish for work purposes, you can study and practice it without bothering the other students who may have different interests.

– In these classes you set the pace, going faster or slower depending on the contents or your comprehension of the material.

– If you are shy, it is a wonderful chance to loosen up when speaking a foreign language. You don’t have to put up with you classmates stares in which you may feel pressured or self-conscious. You will have your teacher’s undivided attention and she/he will help to create a comfortable setting for your learning.

Despite these advantages, you might still have some doubts. How can I practice without classmates? Take into account that in a private class, your teacher is more than a teacher. She/he will start off with doing a personal analysis of your needs and interest, at the same time they will get to know you more personally. Afterwards, there will be a follow up of the classes, they will ask for your feedback and feelings and between the two you will decide if you are going in the right direction or if it’s necessary to make any changes. In conclusion, your teacher will know you better than anyone and you can have a meaningful relationship that goes beyond the classroom. Your teacher will be like a comrade; maybe you might even consider them a friend. Also, if you are doing an intensive class, she/he might be your main source of help when it comes to those little day to day problems that you don’t know how to resolve.

Are you still thinking about it? Enjoy the experience! As a complement to an existing group class or as your only class, being the only student will provide you a lot of benefits.


Curso Intensivo Español
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