University pathway programme


Our University Pathway Programme is designed specifically for international students who wish to continue their academic studies at Spanish universities. The programme provides students with the minimum level of Spanish necessary to prepare for the exams required by each university. With a comprehensive approach to language training and exam preparation, we ensure that our students are well-equipped to achieve their academic goals.

What does the pathway consist of?

Our course consists of two parts, a basic part dedicated to the teaching of Spanish and a second part dedicated to the preparation of the specific university entrance exam.

1. Spanish Language Training

Our programme begins with a super-intensive Spanish course, providing students with 30 hours of teaching per week until they reach a B2 level. We recommend that students start face-to-face preparation with a minimum level of A2. Our experienced teachers use the latest teaching methods to help students achieve their language learning goals. We also provide additional language support outside of class, such as one-to-one tutorials and conversation practice.

2. PCE Exam Preparation

Our programme provides students with super-intensive instruction in the specific subject or subjects required for the PCE exam. Our experienced teachers use the latest teaching methods to help students master the key concepts and skills needed to excel on the exam. We also offer practice exams and feedback to help students identify areas of weakness and focus their exam preparation. 

Why study your University Pathway at IH Madrid?


We have specialised in language teaching for over 40 years and we have successfully prepared many students who are now studying at prestigious Spanish universities.

Supportive atmosphere

Our atmosphere is familiar and the student will feel cared for thanks to the professional and close support of our teaching and customer service team.

Personalised service

Each year we receive students of more than 50 different nationalities and we know how to identify the needs and difficulties of each student according to their language of origin.

IH Guarantee

International House Madrid is part of the International House World network of schools which guarantees a high quality of teaching and services at all levels.

Spanish Course

From level: A2

Total hours: 30 hours per week.

Total weeks: 12 weeks. From July to September.

Timetable: 9.30-13.30/14.30-16.30.

Preparation for University access (PCE)

 Total weeks: 28 weeks. From October to May.

Timetable: to be confirmed.

Price for both courses: 5890€

Included in University pathway courses:

  • All course materials and enrolment fees.
  • Unlimited access to our cultural and social programme.
  • Supoort applying for your higher education course.

Frequently asked questions

In order to take the entrance exams for foreigners (PCE) it is necessary to have completed studies equivalent to the baccalaureate and to come from an EU country or a country that has signed a reciprocity agreement with Spain. In the event that the country of origin does not have an agreement with Spain, the student needs to request the homologation of their studies to the Spanish baccalaureate.

Given the importance and scope of the knowledge test, it is necessary to reach a B2 level before starting the second phase. As a Spanish language school we work to ensure that the student achieves his or her objectives. In cases where, due to lack of time, the student does not reach the required level, he/she can extend the Spanish course and join the second phase at a later date. If, on the other hand, the student reaches the level earlier than expected, a shorter course can also be arranged to suit the student’s needs.

The PCE test is usually held in May/June.

Our course supports the student with information and advice on further studies and all learning material is included in the course.

We also offer accommodation for our students and a weekly cultural programme.

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