AI for English Teachers: Exploiting Artificial Intelligence for Planning and Teaching

EFL teacher participating in the Ai for English teachers course

Explore the integration of AI in EFL teaching, enhancing lesson planning, content generation, and student engagement with our structured course.

In the ever-changing landscape of English teaching, adapting to modern technological advances is essential. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for English Teachers, offers a structured exploration into the realm of Artificial Intelligence tailored to the needs of TEFL teachers. Whether you are delving into AI for the first time or have some prior experience and aim to broaden your digital toolkit, the AI for English Teachers course provides a balanced approach to understanding and exploiting AI in your teaching practices.


Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to AI: Grasp the basics, delve into current capabilities, and learn effective communication with AI.
  • Receptive Skills Enhancement: Utilise AI to create graded texts and activities, improving reading and listening skills.
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Focus: Employ AI for tailored vocabulary lists, simple definitions, and student-friendly grammar analysis.
  • Speaking & Writing Skills Development: Discover how AI can aid in refining speaking tasks and reviewing students’ writing.
  • Resourceful AI Applications: Explore AI’s support in generating audio, editing images, and structuring lesson plans.


By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate and edit AI-created content for a varied language focus.
  • Employ AI tools (ChatGPT and others) to review and provide feedback on students’ work.
  • Incorporate AI in lesson planning for enriched teaching and learning experiences.


Practical information:

  • The AI for English Teachers course is composed of six one-house sessions, led by teacher trainers from IH Madrid.
  • Choose between face-to-face (in IH Alonso Martínez) or online (on Zoom) formats to suit your preference.
  • Benefit from a focused learning environment with a small group of a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Six hours in total.


  • Face-to-face Friday mornings 12:00 – 13:00
  • Online Tuesday evenings 19:00 to 20:00


  • Face-to-face Friday mornings: April 05-May 17
  • Online Tuesday evenings: April 09-May 14


Course fees

  • 96€

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