Delta Bridge

Prepare yourself for the Cambridge Delta

The International House Madrid DELTA Bridging course has been designed to prepare experienced teachers and bring them to the entry point for the Cambridge DELTA.

It is also for teachers who feel they would benefit by taking a year to re-examine the practices and principles which they studied during their pre-service course and reflect on how they have developed these. It has been written by International House Madrid and is specifically designed to improve your teaching ability and give you the confidence to take the Cambridge DELTA in the near future.

The focus of the course is to lift your current teaching ability to a safe entry point for DELTA. There will be methodology, but the emphasis is on teaching skills. This is a very practical course; we will demonstrate all the procedures and discuss the rationale behind them.

Candidates from any teaching environment who have at least 2 years’ experience after pre-service training and who have taught a range of learners from beginners to advanced can apply.

Course details:
The course runs on Friday mornings from 09:30-12:30 at our centre in Alonso Martínez. It constitutes 28-30 hours of training.
Before the course starts. There is an optional pre-course diagnostic observation of a 60-minute lesson with 30-minute post-lesson feedback

Training: Sessions
Course Introduction and Classroom Management
Teaching Grammar and Checking Meaning
Correction and Phonology 1
Planning and Giving Feedback
Reading and Listening
Speaking and Writing
Lexis and Phonology 2
Muti-word verbs and Teaching Online

At the end of the course, teachers plan and give a 60-minute lesson with a group of their choice. There is pre-lesson discussion and post-lesson feedback from the tutor. The observed lesson is done in the month of April or before the end of the academic year.

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Course fees

The Delta Bridge costs €495.00

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