Take your teaching to the next level with the Cambridge Delta

Ideal for full-time working teachers

If you have several years’ experience in teaching English to adults and want to formalise your professional development as well as acquire a highly-regarded qualification which opens many professional doors, then the University of Cambridge DELTA course could be for you.


Module 1 - Understanding language methodology and resources for teaching: This module is assessed by a written examination consisting of 2 papers, each 1 hour 30 minutes.


Module 2 - Developing professional practice: This module is assessed through a portfolio of course-based practical teaching and written assignments including one lesson and assignment which is externally assessed by Cambridge.


Module 3: Extending practice and ELT specialism: This module is assessed through an extended written research project. It is externally assessed.


Our DELTA course is ideal for full-time working teachers. Training is done in our centre and your assessed teaching practice is carried out in your school with your own students.


We firmly believe that professional practice (Module Two) is developed through an understanding of language, methodology and resources (Module One). For this reason, we integrate modules one and two into our part-time DELTA course, which is made more manageable by being spread out over a full academic year. Guidance and practice is also given in preparation for the written examination.

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