Summer Speaking Skills

Curso de conversación en inglés

Summer Speaking Skills

Build your confidence and accuracy when speaking English.

Improve your Speaking Skills with our English language Course

Our Speaking Skills course is designed to help students improve their English language speaking skills, focusing on both fluency and accuracy. Our experienced teachers will guide you through a variety of activities and exercises to help you express yourself more confidently, accurately, and precisely.

The course is suitable for students at the B1 to C2 levels, and we offer small class sizes to provide personalized attention and feedback. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in a variety of speaking activities, such as debates, presentations, and group discussions, to practice your speaking skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

By completing our English language course, you’ll have the tools and confidence you need to communicate more effectively in English.

Enroll now in our Speaking Skills course and improve your English language speaking skills today.


Monday and Wednesday

  • 09:30-12:00
  • 15:30-18:00
  • 18:30-21:00


Monday and Wednesday

  • July: 3 – 26
  • August: 7 – 30
  • September: 4 – 27



  • 236€/month (-10% second month, or Q1 sep+another month)

Steps to enrol

1. Reserve a level test

You can take the test online or in one of our centres. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll call you to give you an appointment.

Flecha Azul
2. Your level:

One of our pedagogical advisors will analyze your written and oral level and recommend the appropriate level for you.

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3. Groups and timetables:

Our customer service team will confirm what options we have for your level

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4. Enrolment:

You can complete the enrolment by phone or face-to-face in our of our centres.

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