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We offer a range of internationally recognised English language teaching qualifications including CELTA, and courses for adults, young learners and teenagers.

Next CELTA courses:

  • Full-time, face-to-face: June 03 – 28
  • Part-time, face-to-face: October 10 – December 18
  • Blended CELTA: October 01 – December 18
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Full-time courses:  Every month February-November
Part-time courses: Every academic term

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CELTA is the original TEFL course and gives you training which leads to a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. CELTA is for people without experience or for teachers with no previous formal training. 



Getting a CELTA certificate will help you find your first teaching job. The course is highly regarded by employers who know that teachers who complete the course have a sound knowledge of teaching English. If you have a CELTA,  it means you have been observed and assessed giving lessons to real students.



Courses have a minimum of 120 contact hours as well as homework tasks which include lesson playing, self-evaluations of your lessons and written assignments. If you pass the course, you will receive a Cambridge CELTA certificate and a detailed progress report. 
If you do CELTA at International House Madrid, you will get:
•    a free online CELTA preparation course
•    access to our digital resource library
•    post-CELTA job assistance
•    discounts on Spanish class 
•    access to our in-service teacher training programme


CELTA courses are taught in our well-equipped school in the centre of Madrid. We offer a substantial discount on your second course with International House including access to our internal teacher training programme. 

We have a digital library with all the resources and reading material that you will need during the course.


We are one of the most established CELTA centres in Spain. We constantly upgrade our training in line with current research on effective teaching practices. 

Our Cambridge-authorised CELTA tutors are also working teachers and have wide experience in teaching adults and young learners both face-to-face and online.

Job opportunities

We do everything we can to help candidates secure their first teaching job. We provide a reference to potential employers and forward details from schools looking for recently qualified teachers. 

We regularly recruit from our CELTA courses and suitable candidates will be considered for full or part-time work teaching adults and young learners.

Range of options

We provide CELTA face-to-face intensively in one month and part-time in three months. 

All courses are fully digitalised which means you can access your portfolio and the resources you need at any time, and anywhere you have internet connection. We offer technical training on how to submit and review your documents online.

All CELTA courses
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Full-time Cambridge CELTA course

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Part-time Cambridge CELTA course

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Blended Cambridge CELTA course

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Celta 100% online

Other courses

primary children

IH Madrid Young Learners Course

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Very Young Learners

TEENS 2024

Teaching Teens

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AI for English Teachers: Exploiting Artificial Intelligence for Planning and Teaching

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Delta Bridge


Most reputable schools, not only in Spain, but also in the rest of Europe and in most other parts of the world, will expect their new teachers to be trained to teach English. The Cambridge CELTA is one of the most respected and well-known training courses. Starting to teach English is made a great deal easier if you have some idea of what you are doing and why you are doing it. CELTA gives you the confidence to walk into a classroom prepared and ready to teach.

You complete the application form and email it to us. You will receive a message setting up a time for an interview. If you are in Madrid, we like to do the interview face-to-face at one of our centres. If you are not, we can do it by Zoom or telephone. You will be told during the interview if you have been accepted and we will send you an acceptance and detail on how to pay within 24 hours. Once you have paid a deposit of €400 to secure your place, we will send you access to our FREE online preparation course.

This usually lasts about 15 minutes and we give you some more information about the course. You can ask any questions too! The interview gives us a good idea of your skills and qualities and therefore, how you will respond to the training.

The real deadline is when the course is full. We recommend you secure your place as soon as you have been interviewed.

We have an online CELTA Preparation Course which will introduce you to the topics studied on CELTA. This is free to all CELTA trainees and we will send you access to the course as soon as you have secured your place.

If you are doing the full-time course, definitely not! You will need to devote all your time to CELTA and you need time to disconnect and relax. If you are doing the part-time course, you can do something on the days when you are not doing CELTA. If you are teaching, then you can begin to put into practice what you are learning on the course. Or you could brush up your Spanish by taking a course at IH Madrid.

There is no difference in the content of the course. The only difference is that the part-time course is spread over 12 weeks. The course is more suited to people who live and work in Madrid and don’t want to take a full month off. It is also less stressful as there is more time to assimilate the course input. The certificate awarded for both courses is exactly the same.

The only difference is the time that you spend in the centre. On the online course, all of the training and planning support is done online. You still need to come to the centre to do your six hours of teaching practice in our centre, which means 10 Saturday mornings from 10:00-14:30. The certificate awarded is exactly the same.

If you are unable to complete the course, we will offer you a place on the next available course to complete your portfolio. You will need to provide medical evidence of your illness.

CELTA is currently being delivered face-to-face, blended and 100% online.

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