How can I teach English

How can I teach English?

How do I start teaching English?

With the holiday season almost upon us, I thought I would share with you some other doubts that teachers have before they start a CELTA course. “Is my level of English going to be good enough? Will my knowledge of grammar be good enough? Will I be able to answer all my students’ questions?” These are good questions.


Do I need to certify my level of English?

Let’s start with the English level one. If English is not your first language, we recommend your level of English is between C1 and C2 and the application form you send will help us determine this. It might surprise you to know that almost 50% of this year’s CELTA candidates were non-native speakers but they all had sufficient level of English to follow of the course.

What will I learn in the CELTA course?

On a CELTA course, we teach you how to teach grammar. We don’t expect you to have a full working knowledge of English Grammar; we just ask you to do your research on the grammar point you are teaching (and we show you how to do that) so you feel prepared when you go into class. Remember that an experienced tutor is in the classroom to help and support you at any time during the lesson. That includes helping you with any tricky questions you might be asked. 

If you are thinking about doing CELTA but still have some doubts, you can schedule a quick Zoom call with one of the tutors who will answer all your questions before you take the plunge.

Remember, there are three different ways to do CELTA at International House Madrid so if you need advice on which one is best for you, send us an email and we’ll run through all the details. You won’t make any commitment until you have been offered a place.

For more information on CELTA and all our teacher training, visit our website or schedule a call with one of the course tutors.

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How can I teach English

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