How Learning a New Language through an International Spanish Summer Programme Enriches Young Learners

Finding a balance between providing your child with security and giving them opportunities to grow and challenge themselves can be difficult for any parent, especially as your child enters their teenage years. With the real world of college and job hunting waiting just around the corner, you want your child to have the confidence and skills they need to move forward in life and meet both its challenges and opportunities head-on.

A Spanish summer programme abroad is an ideal way to nudge your young learner forward into a new and educational experience while still providing them with the structure and support they need to thrive. Read on to find out how IH Madrid’s summer programme for teenagers aged 13 to 17 provides the perfect mix of skill development, exploration, fun, and safety for an unforgettable Spanish summer.

Your Child Can Lay the Foundation for a Successful Future by Learning Spanish

IH Madrid’s summer programmes help young learners to reap the many rewards of multilingualism. Learning another language can provide cognitive benefits, such as improved memory and multitasking capacity. It can also improve your child’s grasp of their native tongue, as learning a new language helps them become more familiar with the mechanics and grammatical structure of languages. All of this can contribute to academic performance, a deciding factor in the opportunities available to a young person in the future.

IH Madrid’s proven teaching method will steer your child toward the benefits of multilingualism

Multilingualism, and evidence of attending an enrichment programme, can also be beneficial to professional and post-secondary applications, as it demonstrates a capacity for independent learning and elevated communication skills. Spanish skills in particular are increasingly in-demand, making it one of the most widely-studied second languages among European secondary students.

Spanish School in Madrid Can Help Your Teenager Explore Another Culture

One of the most exciting aspects of pursuing Spanish summer programmes at IH Madrid is the opportunity to study Spanish in an authentic environment. This is beneficial in several ways. It allows students more opportunities to practise their language skills outside the classroom, speeding up the learning process. Additionally, it leaves ample room for exciting social and cultural activities that give students the opportunity to explore the city, engage with locals, gain a more multicultural perspective, and learn while having fun.

Teenagers in IH Madrid’s summer programmes learn and explore together, forming international friendships

The IH Madrid Summer Programme for teenagers includes activities like museum visits, scavenger hunts, intercambios with Spanish students, and more! Learning with their peers through engaging and social activities also presents an invaluable opportunity for your child to form new friendships, building confidence and developing an international peer network.  

A Home-Stay Makes it Safe for Your Teenager to Learn Spanish in the Summer

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: students in IH Madrid’s programme learn Spanish in the summer while staying in safe, well-supervised home-stay accommodations. In home-stays, your child will be housed with a friendly and welcoming host family, which has been vetted and approved by IH Madrid, in a double room with another student. Home-stays ensure that your child is well-supervised, and that they have access to a supportive environment while they stay in Madrid. Not only can this make living away from home a more comfortable experience for students, but it also offers yet another opportunity to practise Spanish in a real-world environment with native speakers. The home-stay component is an ideal way to ensure that IH Madrid’s Spanish summer programme is an engaging and enriching learning experience for every young learner.

Are you comparing Spanish schools in Madrid?

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