Learn Spanish, an important language to do business.

In today’s business world, you cannot compete well if you know only one language. Studies show that most MBA students now make an effort to be proficient in at least three languages: English, French and Spanish. Your business will be able to be internationally competitive if you can converse in more than one language.


Though Spanish is natively spoken by over 300 million people in the world, the total number of people that speak it reach 500 million. One good thing to note is that half of the people from the Western Hemisphere speak Spanish. That is why it is considered as the second top natively spoken language next to Mandarin Chinese. Spanish is also the second language that is most studied in the world, next to English. Aside from that Spanish is also part of the United Nation’s six official languages. With this statistics, if you are not yet on the bandwagon of learning the language then you are surely left out.

Its use in business

With globalization, a company can survive if they are able to market their business globally. Reaching only a small part of your locality may be good for your business but if you want to make it big then going international is your best option. With this possibility of going global is also the possibility of being in contact with different business leaders from around the world. Most importantly the possibility of reaching a larger audience with a different nationality, culture and language. With 500 million people worldwide being Spanish speakers, it would surely work out for you if you know how to speak their language. Your market will be able to understand and relate to your business only if they know what you are trying t relay.

So to not let your business fall out, it is best to equip your company with more weapons to be able to survive. And Spanish language is one of them.

Madrid is the best place to learn Spanish, International House Madrid have a great teaching reputation, and you can apply what you learn after your lessons in the great Spanish city. Click in the box below to find out more.


Curso Intensivo Español
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