Preparing for DELE in Madrid

Preparation is the key to get that DELE certification you need to get into the institution or university of your choice in Spain. If you’ve come prepared then you have nothing to worry about.

So how do you prepare for DELE?

First and the most important thing is you must have taken your classes. There are a lot of classes available now that will aid you to get that certification. These classes will help you not only in speaking Spanish but also in writing, reading and the specifics in grammar and vocabulary. As long as you attended those classes, paid attention and learned what they were teaching you, then you’re covered. International House Madrid offers a range of excellent DELE prepration courses.

Know your exam schedule ahead of time. Be sure you know when you will be taking the exam. For sure you would need to make sure that this day is free and is not in conflict with your other schedules. But aside from knowing what the date is when you would have to head down to the center to take the actual exam, it’s good to know the date ahead of time to prepare yourself. You need to prepare yourself mentally for the exam. You can’t just wake up one day surprised that it’s already the day of your exam. You’ll end up with lots on your mind and may not be able to focus on the exam itself.

And the last tip to prepare for the exam is to give yourself a day of relaxation and a study-free day on the day before the exam date. If you spend this day still studying and going through your notes most likely you’ll just forget what you’ve studied on this day. You must avoid cramming as this doesn’t always give favorable results. Days of studying and reviewing should be dong days and even weeks before the exam date.

The most important thing to remember though is not to worry too much about. As long as you’ve taken your classes earnestly and listen to the lessons intently then you’re pretty much set. Don’t give yourself problems by worrying about it.

If you have not enrolled yet for a class click below, you can click below to join one International House Madrid’s DELE prepration courses.

Curso Intensivo Español
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