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10 good reasons for learning to teach English at International House Madrid

1 The most respected qualification

The Cambridge CELTA is the most internationally recognised qualification for teaching English as a foreign language to adults. It was one of the first original TEFL courses which included assessed teaching practice and remains the number one requested qualification by language schools around the world.

2 No previous experience is required

There are no specific requirements to do CELTA apart from a high level of English in order to follow the course (a level between C1 and C2) and this will be determined by the application form.

3 CELTA is for native and non-native speakers

English does not need to be your first language. If you have the English level required, you should apply for CELTA. More than half of our candidates are Spanish and a range of other nationalities.

4 Many years of experience

International House Madrid has been training teachers for a very long time. We started training in 1983 and since then, we have trained well over 4.000 teachers.

5 Our facilities

We provide excellent and COVID-safe facilities in our centre in Alonso Martinez with large well-ventilated classrooms, library and trainee study areas. All our materials are digitalised, which means access to our training materials anywhere you are connected to the internet.

6 Experienced trainers

Our trainers are also working teachers and trainees get the opportunity to watch them in action teaching the students that they will teach during the course. Every course we run is externally assessed by Cambridge and we always meet high standards.

7 Course flexibility

CELTA is offered in 4 different ways:  

Face-to-face in our centres: (1) Full-time and (2) part-time. (3) Full-time, 100% online and (4) CELTA Blended which is a mixture of flexible home-study with teaching practice face-to-face in the centre on Saturday mornings.

8 Preparing you for CELTA

We provide a FREE preparation course to help get you started before you begin CELTA. This introduces you to the skills you will learn and the preparation course also teaches you key terminology used in the world of language teaching.

9 Courses all year round

International House Madrid runs courses all year round and with four different modes of CELTA to choose from, there should be one to suit your lifestyle and current commitments.

10 Preparing for work

After CELTA, we do everything we can to help you obtain your first teaching post. We help you write your CV; we give you contacts of reputable schools and we will act as a referee to any potential employer.

To find out more about how CELTA can open new employment opportunities for you, visit our website here or contact



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