Ensenanza del ingles

Opening the door to a new career in teaching English

Every year International House Madrid helps people open the door to a new career in English teaching. It might surprise you to learn that for the majority of trainees, English is not their first language. On our current part-time course, we have fifteen trainees learning the skills to teach English and only three are native speakers. The others are from Spain, France, Argentina, Nepal, Peru, Indonesia, Russia and Serbia. They all have two things in common; a high level of English and a passion to teach others. For many of these non-native speakers, the hard work that they did to reach their current level of English means they understand the difficulties that students experience in trying to master another language.


Our current group are all on track to pass the course and get that all-important Cambridge CELTA certificate, the qualification which will provide them with new opportunities to start their career as English teachers.


International House Madrid provides CELTA in a variety of ways: for those who wish to study intensively and others who want to fit CELTA around their working schedule. If you have an advanced level of spoken and written English (C1+) and a desire to teach others, visit our teacher training website here to learn more about how CELTA can help start your career in teaching English.

Curso Intensivo Español
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