Learning to write Spanish while speaking it

learn to write and speak spanishYou get to retain information more if you actually write it down on paper. This is a proven study and something that a lot of people actually practice and have experienced for themselves. There is just something about writing things on paper that makes it stick to your memory and having to write it down that makes you remember it more.

Some students when they go to a class, listening to the instructor is not enough. Notes have to be jotted down on a notebook or any piece of paper to have them remember what the instructor was talking about. There are even some people that reading about something is not enough, they would need to write down important points on paper so they can remember it. The taking down of notes may be helpful for them as they can refer to it from time to time. But other than that, it’s just the actual action of taking down these notes or the actual writing that enables them to remember these things more.

So if you’re learning Spanish, it may also be good for you to learn how to write Spanish. You might see yourself learning a lot more and learning quicker if you follow this. Even if hearing somebody else speak it or hearing yourself speak it is enough for you to get you going, still you shouldn’t just stop at learning how to speak a language. You will find it more beneficial for you in the long run if learn how to do both.

So now every time you hear start to learn how to say something in Spanish also learn how to write it down. Speaking and writing in Spanish may be different things though as there are stricter grammar rules to writing in Spanish than in speaking conversational Spanish. But this will be a good practice for you to know the difference.
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