Madrid: A movie city

In Spain, the cinema is often referred to as the seventh art and you might be a film lover or not, but you could find yourself in one of these three situations. You may never have been to Madrid but you have seen a film which was set here.  Or you might be in Madrid and you happen to see a film or T.V series being shot here. Or you may have once been in the city and you might be thrilled to recognize a street or plaza in the cinema shot in Madrid.

Madrid has often been chosen to be a shooting location for both international and national films. Below we will recommend some films in which this city appears.

Spanish films

Have you heard of Pedro Almodóvar? He is considered by many to be the most international Spanish director, and in many of his films the protagonists live in Madrid. In films such as Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! or Volver you can check this out. Álex de la Iglesias is another director who also has set his films in Madrid and you can recognize different places in movies such as The Day of the Beast. A scene that caught people`s attention was in Open your Eyes by Alejandro Amenábar in which the protagonist is walking along a deserted Gran Vía. Madrid also appears in the successful T.V series La casa de Papel.

International Films

You may be surprised to learn that big international film productions have been shot here. There have been classic productions like Doctor Zhivago and other more recent ones such as The Bourne Ultimatum. Part of the sixth Terminator saga was also shot here in two well-known neighbourhoods Pueblo Nuevo and Lavapiés in which they were converted into a Mexican village.

We hope that after watching a few of these films it will encourage you to come to Madrid and study Spanish in this movie city.


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