Taking Spanish lessons at IH Madrid – A students perspective

If you are looking for a place to learn Spanish, your best option is Madrid.  Madrid is an amazing city which offers you history, friendly people and varied activities such as visiting museums, walking in fantastic gardens, eating good food and enjoying a unique nightlife.

Where can you learn Spanish in Madrid? At International House. International House Madrid has been operating in this city for more than 30 years and it is one of the main Spanish language centres in Spain, with a staggering 320,000 plus students trained during this time.

And remember, one of the key reasons for studying Spanish in International House is their teachers. IH Madrid currently employs more than 100 teachers in three learning centers within the city and with an ongoing expansion program that is constantly focused on improving student learning and results.

Quality: the main resource at International House

Quality is the main characteristic that you find at International House Madrid. Quality in their teachers, quality in the lessons and quality in their methodology.

Quality in their teachers: International House Madrid only employs native trained, experienced and fully qualified teachers to ensure that students get the best. Furthermore, International House is renowned worldwide for its training of both English and Spanish foreign language teachers. International House Madrid has a has its own teacher training centre which trains hundreds of teachers as well as ensuring the continual professional development of their own teachers who work not only in IH Madrid but also those teachers working in other academies all around the world.

Quality when we talk about lessons because IH Madrid teaches Spanish for all type of situations. A focus on daily activities will allow you to practice in restaurants, museums and bars and during the programmed excursions, which are programmed during your stay in Madrid, to nearby Spanish cities such as Toledo or Segovia.

You will interact with your student friends, read, talk, write and read, focusing not just in the grammar but a whole range of linguistic skills and resources which you can use when asking for tapas, your ticket for seeing Real Madrid playing live in the famous Bernabeu stadium or drinking at a Spanish bar at night. IH will offer you all that you need to improve your level of Spanish.

Spanish for business

Nowadays “Spanish for business” is a must if you work in different places all around the world. Spanish is the language of Spain but it is also spoken in America, from USA to Argentina, Chile or Mexico. Knowing Spanish language can offer you a better job and enormous possibilities for that promotion you have been waiting for.

International House offers you special courses for corporations, just for employees or courses which can be attended by all people with a similar level. We can teach you how to talk with your employees, with your boss or with clients whose mother tongue is Spanish.

So, if you’re thinking about where to learn Spanish the answer is Spain, and the institution that can offer you the best way for learning Spanish, don’t doubt it, it is International House Madrid.

Curso Intensivo Español
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