Things to do in Madrid por la cara; or nearly

Have you heard of the Spanish expression “por la cara”? If you haven’t yet,
I’m sure you’ll hear it after the Christmas season. After the “derroche”of
December, you need to “apretarse el cinturón” and spend less to “llegar a
fin de mes”. That’s why in this blog we’ll try to give you some ideas to
enjoy Madrid por la cara.

Are you a cinephile or an intellectual? La casa de América shows premiere
films in Spanish, many of which are free. You simply need to get there
early as entrance is free until there is a full house. Likewise, you can spend
the afternoon listening to a talk about a sociocultural topic that may be of
interest to you and enjoy a range of Spanish accents or simply have a
coffee and see the free exhibition that is currently showing. You can
consult this on their web page.

Are you more into meeting new people in a friendly atmosphere? Why
don’t you come along to the open social dancing swing at the Tabacalera?
At the LTBC you’ll find workshops, concerts, exhibitions and other
interesting initiatives.

Are you keen on objects from other periods of time? If you are looking for
antiques or simply browsing through second-hand markets, you can’t miss
going to the Rastro on Sunday mornings. For the price of a beer or soft
drink, you get a tapa. To know which bars give you the best and most
generous tapas, just look at how many customers are inside.
Madrid is a city that caters for different pockets, but in IH we also help you
with “la cuesta de enero”, with free activities where you can get to know
our city better, our culture and practise these new expressions with other
students. Always accompanied by highly qualified teachers of course.

Glossary of Expressions

It’s best to deduce the expressions in the context, but it you want to check that you have understood, here are the definitions:
Por la cara: free
El derroche: To binge on things
Apretarse el cinturón: to tighten your belt.
Llegar a fin de mes: To make ends meet. In Spain people usually get paid at the end of
the month, therefore it literally means to have enough money until the next pay check.

La cuesta de enero: The January slope. This is a metaphor that means that as it is
difficult to climb a mountain, January is a difficult month financially after the extra
Christmas spending.

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