What’s the best way to learn Spanish? Different options up to you.  

So, you’ve decided that you want to learn a new language and you’ve landed on Spanish, the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. It’s an exciting time, as learning a new language is one of the most exciting and rewarding activities you can do. But, what is the best way to learn Spanish? That’s the question everyone setting out on this kind of journey wants to know the answer to, but luckily there are several different ways to learn Spanish. 

In this guide to how to learn Spanish, we’ll break down three of the most common and useful strategies for learning this language and we’ll outline a few tips so that your experience is as fruitful as possible. Let’s get started!


Why an online course is one of the best ways to learn Spanish

One of the most common ways to learn Spanish is through online Spanish courses, and this is an increasingly popular route in modern times. Given how busy we all are, studying online means being able to plan and build a study plan that suits any schedule. There are so many excellent online apps, resources and courses, such as the online courses offered by IH Madrid. These courses come with expert instruction, flexible learning plans and will meet your personal learning goals. 

You might be wondering ‘Is an online course the best method to learn Spanish?’ and the truth is that it really depends. While some students prefer a different kind of learning environment, others thrive in the online setting and enjoy the extra flexibility that is built into an online programme.


Why spending time in a Spanish-speaking country might be the most effective way to learn Spanish 

For students who prefer to learn in person rather than online, there are plenty of options out there as well. For those who want to get really hands-on, the very best way to learn Spanish is surely to visit Spain or another Spanish-speaking country, as there is simply nothing like engaging with native speakers in a personal and one-to-one manner. 

Within Spain, the capital city of Madrid stands out for visitors seeking the most effective way to learn Spanish. While the locals in some of the country’s other cities might also speak other languages, such as Catalan or Basque, signing up for Spanish courses in Madrid means you’ll hear Castilian Spanish in every shop, bar, museum, café, restaurant and park. In other words, there are limitless opportunities to practise your speaking and your listening, which are the fundamentals for how to learn Spanish.


Why absorbing Spanish media is a good tip for learning Spanish 

Of course, you probably also want a few tips for how to learn Spanish at home and as part of your day-to-day life. Perhaps the best way to learn Spanish from afar and while having fun at the same time is to consume Spanish language media. If you’re at a certain level, tuning in to a Spanish-language podcast is a super way to enhance your listening skills. Similarly, watching your favourite movies or TV shows with either Spanish audio or Spanish subtitles can help you to take in new vocabulary at the same time as you relax

As for what is the best way to learn Spanish without even thinking about it, a cool tip is to switch the language in your mobile phone to Spanish. You should still be able to navigate without any issues, especially if you’ve already memorised how your phone works, but seeing daily reminders, such as days of the week or weather updates, will train your brain to Spanish mode. And that, ultimately, is what learning Spanish is all about!


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What’s the best way to learn Spanish? Different options up to you.  

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