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Exposición Caixa Forum

Guided Tour in English of Caixa Forum Exhibition: Dioses, Magos y Sabios

An invitation to discover the private collections of ten artists, as well as the relationship with their imagination, their interests and obsessions, their creative processes and, ultimately, their own work.
The visit is led by an educator who, through dialogue with the participants, will present the key themes of the exhibition, contextualise them and resolve any doubts or questions that may arise.

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Seniors Night

A special evening four our senior students and their friends.

Join us for an evening of wine, cheese and ham, practise your English and get to know other students.





Wine tasting

Wine tasting

Wine tasting with Heidi Russell, Sommelier y Wine Educator.

In this wine tasting we'll be trying a mixture of white and red wines to really get your taste buds going. Join Heidi on this sensorial route through Spain.

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