Cursos de metodología y cultura para profesores de español no nativos

If you are a non-native Spanish teacher and want to update your knowledge and learn new communication strategies, it will be possible for you to do so in the shortest possible time thanks to the new IH course. With a duration of 60 hours spread over two weeks, you will be able to perfect your understanding of the Spanish language and culture.

Although the foreign teachers will not teach any practical classes during the course, they will actively collaborate with the native Spanish teachers in preparing the classes and in the feedback sessions that take place at the end of them. As usual in International courses House, teachers will not only learn new communication and pedagogical strategies, but they will also have to reflect on them and observe other people’s classes to learn the optimal way to teach them.

Flexible contents:

Part of the program of this methodology and culture course is adaptable to the needs of teachers; Trainee teachers may choose to replace some of the class preparation sessions with cultural activities (during the first week of the course) or by observing classes with native teachers (during the second week).

If you want more information about the course content, schedules and prices, click here

Curso Intensivo Español

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