3 Ways Intensive Spanish Lessons Help You Learn the Language Faster

Learning a foreign language has many benefits. It can improve your cognitive skills, help you form new relationships, provide academic advantages, and even make you a more competitive job candidate! For most people, the question isn’t whether or not to learn a new language, the question is how to do so effectively and efficiently.

Learning Spanish is no exception. With so many methods, schools, and courses to choose from, it can be difficult to know the best move to ensure you make the most of studying Spanish. However, for students who want to seriously improve their Spanish skills quickly, intensive courses are the ideal choice. Read on to learn three ways these lessons can help you learn Spanish faster.

Intensive Spanish Lessons Make Language Top-of-Mind

As their name suggests, intensive Spanish classes are structured to be a consistent part of your day-to-day life. Instead of spending a few hours a week in class, intensive courses generally involve multiple hours of teaching and learning per day. At IH Madrid, for example, intensive courses run Monday to Friday for a total of twenty to thirty hours of class time every week.

Stay focussed on your language learning goals with IH Madrid’s intensive courses

With so much time spent in the classroom, you won’t have to worry about forgetting what you’ve learned in between lessons, minimising the amount of time that needs to be spent on reviewing old material and helping you push forward, full speed ahead!

Mixed Teaching Styles Can Make Intensive Spanish Classes Very Effective

Intensive Spanish lessons are offered in multiple formats. For many students, a course that includes both group classroom sessions as well as individualised teaching can be the most effective learning approach. A mixed course structure allows you to take advantage of the tailored nature of one-to one lessons for the particular things you find most challenging or would like to practise  more, all while covering the fundamentals of your language level with your peers in a group course.

IH Madrid’s Intensive 20+5 Spanish Course, for example, combines 20 hours of intensive group classes  with 5 hours of weekly one-to-one lessons.. For students who want an extra push, the Intensive 20+5 course is a great way to fine-tune the Spanish learning process, making it a more efficient and valuable educational experience.

Intensive Lessons Encourage Immersion While You Learn Spanish in Madrid

A good Spanish course is intensive not only in terms of the time commitment required, but also in terms of teaching style. Lessons at IH Madrid are student-centred and highly communicative. Beyond some student-teacher interaction, IH Madrid students often participate in different types of classroom activities like working in pairs and group exercises. This means that students have many opportunities to practise their Spanish in the classroom while simultaneously learning new skills. Students also gain a more active role in their own learning process and that of their peers, ensuring that their Spanish skills develop in a more natural context. In fact, IH Madrid students will often spend more time practising their Spanish with each other than directly with their teacher!

IH Madrid’s intensive Spanish courses help you learn inside the classroom and out in the city

This structure is particularly helpful to students who choose to learn Spanish in Madrid. As you get used to speaking Spanish all day, it will become even easier to continue to practise your skills outside the classroom while you explore the city and enjoy IH Madrid’s afternoon social and cultural activities. Practising more often means you will learn faster and get on the right track to achieving your language goals before you know it! Additionally, you’ll gain a more authentic experience of Spanish life and culture.

Wondering if intensive Spanish classes are the right choice for you?

Contact IH Madrid to find out how we can help you boost your Spanish skills!

Curso Intensivo Español
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