Open Day: this is how we enjoyed an amazing morning with you

In conjunction with the International Day of languages International House Madrid hosted their first open day on Saturday 24th of September. Everybody enjoyed a morning full of activities, games and prizes, advice and presentations on various interesting and useful topics such as exam preparation and general learning styles. It was a real pleasure sharing this day with everyone, and we want to thank all who came to visit us at our centre ih Nuevos Ministerios.

International House Madrid also sends a big a big thank you to the team that handled the organisation of the Open Day and made everything go so smoothly: it was a truly amazing job, and we believe all people attending, appreciated that. Thanks to everyone for this shared success!

Based on the success of the day we plan to celebrate similar gatherings in the future, and it would be great to count on your support and attendance at these fun events. For the time being though we hope you enjoy a brief photographic tour through the Open Day.

From 10 in the morning, the  ih Nuevos Ministerios reception team began to receive visitors: kids with parents, full families, groups of friends, old and current students… it was a real pleasure to see such a variety of people coming to visit us, and the interest shown by everybody’s full involvement in activities and presentations during all the morning.

Our teachers were ready to give information to the visitors the instant they came into our center, both in English and Spanish. Visitors received the activities program, a 15 % discount coupon for any of our courses and another one for the kids to participate in the gymkana we organized. Students were also encouraged to play a funny game: they had to recognize their teachers from the pictures of them as kids that were placed around the centre. A great informal  way of getting to know the IH staff!

Not by languages alone does man live, so we made sure that visitors could also enjoy a cup of hot coffee and also some impressive pastries and cakes typical from the UK and USA that delighted everyone which passed by the sweet stand.

Aside from the linguistic stands and activities, we dedicated a space to inform visitors about our cooperation with Fundación Instituto San José and their project Poseidón. In fact, all the money we collected thanks to the cakes and pastries was donated to help finance this great cause, so we would like to thank all who gave for their collaboration.

Classrooms were kept occupied and busy with lots of talks, trial sessions, debates, trial exams… the best way to let people check our educational method and get to know our teachers and staff.

The lower floor of our centre was a space dedicated to our youngest students, furnished in great detail and full of amusing activities both in the passageways and classrooms. Animal Land, Village Fête, Lucky Lollies, Pin the Tail on the Donkey… a lot of thematic games designed to provide fun based language learning for kids such as Treasure Island, the popular game based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s book. Kids face painting also proved very popular allowing our younger students to make up in the funniest ways posible.

For example, playing Treasure Island,the popular game based on the book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Or enjoying the art of face painting.

In addition our young learners enjoyed a story reading class, drawing lessons in which the students learnt to draw and also get used to the names of colors etc … ¡and with everything in English, of course!

And the cherry on the cake of this delightful morning was the awards ceremony: the winners earned a course abroad, a one level course for adults in one of our centers and a one level course for young students in IH Madrid. Kate Pickering our In-centre director was the master of ceremonies awarding these wonderful prizes. Congratulations to all the winners!

Finally, in the case that you couldn’t attend on the actual day, you can check our Twitter or Facebook account to see more photographs of the day. Of course, we strongly recommend you to follow us where you can also be informed of lots of other things related to languages and other activities that take place in our academies. Our webpage also has information about every course available to enable you to effectively learn Spanish, English and other languages in the shortest time possible.

We thank you all for coming!

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