5-minute Master’s in Series Vocabulary

If you currently have subscriptions to multiple platforms (e.g. Netflix, Movistar+. HBO or Amazon Prime), then you, like many other people, are probably a series addict. Now, in 300 words you can learn enough vocabulary to discuss all your favourite shows in English.

Firstly, are you going to watch a mini-series (6 or less episodes), or maybe the latest season (series of episodes emitted usually within one year) of one of the smash hits like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

The real danger is that if you get hooked (addicted) to a series, you may find yourself binge-watching it (obsessively watching many episodes in a row) until 3:00 in the morning.

Once you have watched a series, you might look for a spin-off (another series with a connected story, usually through one of the characters), or a sequel, or even a prequel! (stories after or before the original series).

Talking about series with your friends can be dangerous – they might give away a spoiler (key plot detail e.g. I am your father) before you have seen the season finale (the important final episode).

The different platforms also give you the chance of watching reruns (repeated showings) of your favourite series from when you were younger, with series like Cheers or Friends available as box sets (all episodes available at once).  You can see all your favourite characters (personajes), and probably some classic cameos (very short appearances by famous actors – think of Stan Lee in many Marvel movies!). Another great advantage over when we first watched them is not having to watch endless advert breaks (interruptions for commercials)!

Whatever genre of series you are into (you like), be it comedy, crime thriller action/adventure or drama, you’re sure to find something that ends in a cliff-hanger, leaving you on the edge of your seat!


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