5 Ways of practising Spanish after my course.

Often after finishing a Spanish immersion course, one isn’t prepared to lose the progress made during that time.  Languages, like machines, need to be used or else they go rusty therefore we suggest some ways you can keep the language alive when your course ends. It’s important to take into account your interest and tastes, so you are doing it for pleasure and not as a daily chore.

  1. If you like watching series, at the moment there are various digital platforms that offer a wide range of choice. Recently, series such as La casa de papel and Narcos, both in original Spanish version, are very well-known. Unlike a film, which is also a good option, following a series allows contact with the language on a regular basis.


  1. If you like literature, choose a good story in a genre you like. If you have the level, go for novels! If not, some authors have short stories that will allow you to reach your objective sooner. For lower levels there are graded readers in printed and digital formats. Your teacher can guide you on the right reading path after the course.


  1. If you like to keep up-to-date with current events, one good way is to watch the news in Spanish on channels such as the 24 Horas a Spanish 24-hour nationwide news channel and TVE International. You will also be able to watch documentaries of common interest and debates. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand it all, what’s important is to get your ear used to listening to Spanish.


  1. If music is your thing, carry in your portable device songs in Spanish and podcasts of whatever interest you. Listen while you do sport, go for a walk or drive.


  1. If you prefer to practise your speaking, there are web pages and mobile phones applications that allow you to chat with native speakers, such as Skype. On your computer set your browser on Spanish and look for a language exchange. You could talk with people thousands of kilometres away, and who knows, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a good reason to visit each other.


Whatever your preferences, there are different ways to maintain alive in your mind that language you are learning, and which a course has given you a good boost.



Curso Intensivo Español
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