IH Madrid celebrates 40 years teaching languages (4)

Today we’re meeting Alex Bishop, who’s currently our director of operations and extracurricular classes in school. 

Alex started at International House as a student on the Cambridge CELTA course back in 1999. A year later, he started teaching, and over the past 20 year he’s taught in all of our schools, and been in just about every position within the company (teacher, coordinator, director of studies, and director of various areas!). 

He reminisces that when he first started teaching in the ‘dark ages’, he had to use overhead projectors (OHP) and that a lot has changed since then from having projectors in the classrooms, to using Zoom for online classes and hybrid classes.

Alex is also responsible for hiring new English teachers, and he’s particularly proud of having interviewed about 500 people (most of our current English teachers were appointed by Alex!), and meeting and getting to know some fantastic teachers – new and old.

We asked him about the funniest time at IH and he fondly remembers an anecdote that he loves the carnival parties with the extravagant costumes – but he doesn’t divulge too much detail as it might incriminate him…!

Here’s the full inteview with Alex:

Curso Intensivo Español
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