IH Madrid commercialises Web page

The new web page of IH Madrid ( www.ihmadrid.com) has more to it than meets the eye. Behind the web site is a whole commercial power engine which changes the web from an online catalogue of courses to a sales funnel that draws visitors into a managed buying process.

The engine behind the web is “hubspot” and this allows trackable landing pages to be allocated within the web with relevant call to action buttons as well as in pay per click adverts on Facebook or Google. Lead follow up emails can be totally automated and all leads can be analysed by looking at their page history to see how far down the sales funnel they are and appropriate follow up emails sent. An online chat allows immediate interaction with visitors and can even be configured to notify IH operators if a person is on the site for more than a set time so they can be pro-actively engaged. 

It’s still early days but the site has all the signs of becoming a key tool in Madrid’s marketing mix.

Curso Intensivo Español

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